ZK1NJC & ZK1NDK North Cook DX Pedition
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Photos of ZK1NJC & ZK1NDK

Shack at North Cook Is.

Carring the 6mtr band's antenna at the top of the tower

At the top of the tower

Photo of the Island

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QSL Info

QSL for ZK1NJC & ZK1NDK should go to JR2KDN (SASE, SAE+sufficient return postage, Buro)

JR2KDN; Yuichi Yoshida
4th Floor Kato Building
529 Rokugaike-cho, Kita-ku,
Nagoya 462-0002 Japan

QSL REQUEST via email

QSL request via email will be welcome to jr2kdn@pluto.dti.ne.jp
and QSLs will be sent out via BURO after all direct request are processed.
Please write up your QSL request in the body as follows:



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